New year … new format!  Our monthly workshops are moving to a weekly online format, and hope you will join us!  We will be discussing a variety of topics over the course of the year, with the first two being: 1) Rental Homes, and 2) First Time Buyers

To register simply click on link below, email me at or phone me at 403.383.5706.


Thinking of getting into rental properties? Awesome. Just keep in mind that not all homes yield the same opportunity … and not all locations will see the same growth. So be strategic about what you buy, where you buy, and when you buy. We are super excited about moving our popular workshops to an online forum, and hope you will join us!
Tuesdays between 12pm-8pm on the hour! We will go over current market conditions, and flush out existing opportunities that may exist. We will address your questions one by one. Open to Okotoks, Calgary and surrounding area residents. To register simply click on image above text/phone Andrea at 403.383.5706.

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2. Your FIRST HOME Webinar

Thinking of buying your first home? Which is better, a new home or a resale home?  A condo, townhome or a single family home?  What about financing … 5% or 20% down?  How will I know if I qualify?  Would I have roommates helping me pay the mortgage?  What’s my first step?  Oh yes … first home buyers have lots of questions, and we are well prepared to field them!  Our popular workshops are now moving to an online forum, and hope you will join us.  Click below to register or simply phone/text 403.383.5706.  Workshops are offered Tuesdays on the hour between 12pm-8pm.

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Connect with Andrea directly if you’d like to be notified of dates and details of any of upcoming online webinars.  Topics we’ll be holding webinars on throughout the year are:

  • New vs Resale Homes
  • Buying Rental Homes
  • Buying to Renovate
  • 5% Down … Your First Home and/or Next Home
  • Selling in a Buyers’ Market
  • Staging to Sell … Does it Make a Difference?

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